Things A New HP LaserJet MFP Can Do!

MFP printing

The latest HP printers are capable of a lot more than just printing. Check out how a new multifunction printer can benefit your office with some not-so-well-known features.


Print from anywhere: The ability to print doesn’t have to stop the minute you leave the office. HP’s ePrint allows you to print from virtually any location using a smartphone, tablet or mobile device. All you need to do is attach the document you need to print to an email message on your mobile device and send it to your printer’s email address. Then your printed document will be waiting for you when you get back to the office, home or wherever your HP ePrint-enabled printer is located. Learn more about ePrint, click here.


Connect – without the power cords: Break free of restricting cords with an HP wireless-enabled printer. The printer connects to a wireless router, which allows you to place your printer or MFP anywhere you’d like. Don’t have enough room in your cubicle or home office? No problem!


Simple Installation: Set up your printer quickly and easily – without an installation CD. HP’s Smart Install is Windows compatible software that’s built into several of HP’s LaserJet printers and MFPs. Since the printer’s driver is stored in the printer’s flash memory, you just need to connect the printer to your computer with a USB cable, install the software, and print.


Converting hard copies to digital files: With the HP LaserJet Pro Color MFP M475 you can scan documents straight to a USB drive, email or a network folder.


Two sides of the story: Reduce your paper use by half by taking advantage of double-sided, also known as duplex printing. Most HP printers have this as an automatic feature, and it’s easy to adjust the settings from your preferences. Automatic double-sided printing allows you to print on two sides of the paper without having to flip each page.


Save on green and resources: HP’s Auto-On/Auto-Off Technology turns on your computer when you’re ready to use it, and turns it off when you’re not. This feature can use up to 26 times less energy than the traditional sleep mode, while still giving you the speed you require from your printing and imaging experience.


Printing from USB drive: Have you ever needed to print a file on a USB drive but had no way to print it – you are in luck. Several of HP’s printers and MFPs allow you to print supported file formats from a USB device. The printer does not even need to be connected to a computer.


Cost effective in-house printing:: InfoTrends recently conducted market research and found the retail price of buying marketing collateral from print shops versus printing the materials in-house. Based on average retail pricing for short-run materials, it’s feasible to save anywhere up to 50% when your marketing materials are printed in-house.


ID Copy: Many of HP’s MFPs have an ID Copy feature. It prints two sides of an ID, for instance a driver’s license or health insurance card, can be printed on one side of a single piece of paper. This reduces space when reporting and filing documents.


Business apps via touchscreen: Touchscreens and apps built for business are not limited to smartphone users. Several printers now feature the ability to use free apps to access and print public and private web content. All with-out a computer! Using apps like Biztree and Google Docs, you can have dozens of documents at your fingertips.