How to Avoid Phishing

There are a lot of online dangers and digital threats out there, but one that’s getting more sophisticated by the day is phishing. What is phishing, how can you recognize it, and how can you avoid it?


Phishing is a bit complex and not too easy understood, but in order to keep your business safe there is few things you should .


The goal of Phishing is to get your personal info. Some types of phishing focus on gathering large amount of info but no personal info, other types are individually targeted and go after your personal info.

How do you know is PHISHING?

A Red flags when you receive a message with files attached, links where the hyperlink doesn’t match the text, a lack of personalization, or extremely personal details like your name (and anything on your social media).

HOW to avoid it?

One of the best ways to avoid phishing is to keep your antivirus system up to date, update software, and never open attachments from unknown sources or click on sketchy link from an email.

Benefits of document management

Everyday more and more companies are discovering the benefits of electronic paper management and its automation process. Constantly changing regulations companies must be attentive to their paperwork, due dates, reports, audits, permits, manually managing them and keeping them organize in drawers is getting more complicated then ever. As companies begin shifting to managing more of the work with fewer employees, some of these tasks can be overwhelming with lost documents, and employee time being spent organizing, retrieving documents that bottlenecks become the norm.

Document Management System (DMS) and business process automation will help you manage large volumes of information much more effectively.

Here are just a few main benefits a company can enjoy:

  1. 24/7– When documents are converted from paper to digital they are available to anyone 24/7. Documents are easier to find through search, easily recoverable and unlikely to be misfiled
  2. Manage Certifications and Due Dates – With date tracking, you can ensure that all required re-certifications to team members approvals happen automatically, with no spreadsheets or paper files.
  3. No More Redundancy – With a digital document system workflows and management integrate into existing software. That means no more redundant data entry.
  4. Reliable Routing and Tracking of Documents – Documents can be set-up to go through a specific approval process. Notifications can automatically be sent to the appropriate team members when they need to take action. Document edits and updates can also be automatically tracked.
  5. Better Organization – Tasks can stay organized and remain in view because notifications are automatically delivered via email or pop-ups. This replaces post-it notes, whiteboards and employees forgetting.
  6. Make Audits Stress Free! – When you’re tasked with compliance audits record keeping takes on a whole new urgency. When documents can be tracked and accessible 24/7 aggregate information is easier to compile and due dates managed make a world of difference. Audits become a piece of cake!
  7. Grow Your Business and Reduce Costs! – Reducing errors, improving communication and collaboration and automating processes can make your team more productive, reduce wasted time and cut your costs! It can also mean faster time to market, and better customer service.

Managing documents electronically and automating business processes means easier access and management of data, releasing your staff to focus on core business initiatives while ensuring the information is available when you need it most.

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IT Upgrades In Space

What if you are the IT guy trying to keep the space station up to date? For starters you can’t just go to your local store to grab whatever is on sale.

The HP Printers which were 20 years old have just gotten upgraded (read our previous blog) To summarize, the printer must work in zero gravity and printing problems where excess ink cannot leak or float and be ingested by astronauts.

An HP Envy printer was chosen as the base model but to reduce weight a number of components were removed, including the faxing, scanning and copying abilities. And, because the space station generates its own solar energy, all of its devices must use the least amount of power as possible.

The printer’s paper handling needed special parts. HP decided to replace the normal stuff we use on Earth with some that are more robust for zero-gravity. Using an advanced material suitable for space, HP 3D-printed the new parts and made enough to upgrade 50 printers. This will allow NASA to maintain these printers, possibly, until 2028.

What about you? Does your printer need an update?

It seems as if the biggest problem with printers these days continues to be the cost of ink. Their former users tell us: “It still works; it’s just out of ink.”

For many, the cost of replacing ink is more expensive than just buying a new printer.

Printers have become similar to razors. You can cheaply buy a new razor that comes with a blade. But buying replacement blades is expensive.

Most people don’t want to “waste” things. So, we are going to keep that printer or razor going as long as we can.

With printers, you often replace print heads and ink at the same time, meaning the device will keep running for a long time as long as the operating system you are using still has drivers. The expense per page, however, seems to keep going up.

We still believe that laser printers are your best bet for value if you calculate the cost per page. With a black-and-white laser printer for everyday needs, a toner cartridge that costs around $100 can last four or five years if you don’t print very much. Don’t always go for the cheapest printer but you should consider how much you print on a monthly basis. Review the cost of toner and its page yield.

While the space station might be able to last years between upgrades, it’s almost impossible for us on earth to go that long without an update. Thankfully we have a lot of options that can always get something fit for you. If you need some suggestions on what is the best printer for your needs feel free to contact us and we will be more then happy to help you.