HP Named One of the Top Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations

At the annual ranking conducted by Corporate Knights, a Canadian- based media and research company; HP was again amongst the top 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World.

This year HP placed 77th overall, up from 82nd last year. Close to 5,900 companies were evaluated by the Global 100 staff using 17 key environmental, social, and governance indicators. Companies from 22 different countries made the 2018 list, with the U.S., France and U.K. leading the pack. European companies dominated the rankings, accounting for 69 percent of listed companies, while North America and Asia accounted for 22 and 12 percent respectively. Eligibility was based on publicly-listed companies with gross revenue of a minimum of US$1 billion.

Some of the key indicators included usage of Energy, Water, Waste, Clean air productivity, Women in executive management, women on board and clean revenue.

For more information: http://www.corporateknights.com/magazines/2018-global-100-issue/2018-global-100-results-15166618/

Why is Printer and Copier Maintenance Important

mfp repair

Printers and copiers do a lot of hard work for your organization all day long. In order to keep them functioning properly and efficiently, it’s important to do regular maintenance–but why? Here’s a quick look why you should.

Printers/Copiers Need Love Too

No matter of your workflow, at an office the chances are high that you rely pretty heavily on the hardworking office MFP, printer or copier. If it’s an old machine or a brand-new multifunction device it’s important to make sure that your machine functions to the best of its ability, to make your organization more productive and not waste time, money, and energy on unnecessary problems.

Regular maintenance limits the risk of copier breakdown.

Sometimes, printers/copiers break down–simply because they do. However, maintenance will help limit the risk of costly, exhausting problems that can hinder your workflow. When you’re using your machines for frequent, high-volume jobs, things wear down–and maintenance helps catch little problems before they get big.

Regular maintenance improves the performance of your copiers.

When you take good care of your machines, they take good care of you. Well-maintained machines won’t be slowed down by jams or other annoying issues, and they’ll remain efficient throughout your heaviest workloads.

Regular maintenance helps them last longer.

At the end of the day, regular maintenance is something you do to help protect an investment. No matter what kind of printer or copiers you have, they will benefit from regular care, which means you won’t have to replace them before you’ve even paid them off.

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The Printer that Never Jams. Will it ever be developed?

paper jam

In a world of automation, assistants such as Siri, Alexa, the stubborn persistence of paper jams would seem to be something of the past.

“Paper jams are very hard to solve because of the variations of the actual paper,” Erwin Ruiz pointed out. He manages the design and development solutions team for Xerox in Webster, N.Y. “[Paper] itself is organic and manufactured, and it’s just so much variation coming from different trees.”

“Basically anything where the biological and the mechanical are forced to work together, eventually, biology wins,” said Joshua Rothman, who wrote “Why Paper Jams Persist” for The New Yorker. “The malleability of the biological material gums up the works of the mechanical system.”

Joshua interviewed Xerox engineers in Webster, and sat in on their meetings while researching his New Yorker article. He shared his insights on paper jams with Anna Maria on The Current.

“Of course we’ve all been there with the frustration of experiencing a paper jam, right? But the truth is, that actually is a big part of what excites me about my job,” Vicki Warner, who manages a Xerox mechanical product development design team in Webster, explained. “I love the opportunity to make someone’s life a little easier. New paper jams are particularly exciting, especially to us engineers. We love the challenge of a difficult problem. Every piece of paper is a little bit different. We try to get this paper through a press without jamming. I don’t think it’s possible — again, due to the variety of the paper. It comes from trees which come from all over the world.”

Rothman sums it up well: “One big surprise, when you start to really learn about how much work goes into building a printer, is you discover that you really take for granted decades of incredible engineering work. I think the simplest way to understand it is printers go ten times faster now than they did even 15 years ago. And they’re smaller and quieter, and they’re incredibly inexpensive — and they still jam.

“But everything’s a trade off in engineering,” he added. “So the jam is a problem, but it’s within the context of extraordinary advancements in the world of printers – which of course, as soon as we get used to them, we forget that they’ve happened.

For original article and to listen to it Xerox Connect blog